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Kidney Specialist in Madurai

Nephrology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of kidney-related conditions. Nephrologists are specialized doctors who are experts in kidney care, offering comprehensive services to ensure the health and proper functioning of the kidneys.

At Devadoss Hospital, our Nephrology department is recognized as the best nephrology specialist in Madurai. We provide advanced care for a wide range of kidney disorders, leveraging modern technology and evidence-based treatments. Our team of experienced nephrologists is committed to delivering personalized and effective care, making us the best kidney specialist hospital in Madurai.

Conditions Treated

As the leading kidney specialist hospital in Madurai, Devadoss Hospital treats various kidney-related conditions, including:

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Comprehensive management for long-term kidney function decline.

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Prompt diagnosis and treatment for sudden loss of kidney function.

Kidney Stones

Advanced treatments to dissolve or remove kidney stones and prevent recurrence.


Specialized care for inflammation of the kidney’s filtering units.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Personalized approaches to manage cyst growth and associated symptoms.

Hypertension-related Kidney Disorders

Tailored treatments to protect kidney function in hypertensive patients.

Diabetic Nephropathy

Comprehensive management for kidney damage caused by diabetes.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Effective therapies to manage proteinuria and associated complications.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care, reinforcing our reputation as the best kidney specialist hospital in Madurai.

Treatment Offered

Devadoss Hospital offers a wide range of treatments and services, reflecting our status as the top nephrologist in Madurai:

Medical Management

Prescription medications and dietary advice for kidney-related conditions.


Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis services for patients with kidney failure.

Kidney Transplantation

Evaluation and management of patients undergoing kidney transplantation.

Kidney Stone Management

Advanced techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones, making us the best kidney stone specialist in Madurai.

Hypertension Management

Comprehensive care for managing high blood pressure and its impact on kidney health.

Preventive Care

Education and counseling to prevent kidney disease progression and maintain optimal kidney function.

Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients, delivered by the best nephrologists in Madurai.

Devadoss Hospital is widely recognized as the best kidney specialist hospital in Madurai, offering exceptional nephrology services. Our team of expert nephrologists and comprehensive treatment options ensure that every patient receives the best possible care. Trust Devadoss Hospital, the leading nephrology specialist in Madurai, to provide expert management and support for all kidney-related conditions, reinforcing our reputation as the best kidney specialist hospital in Madurai.

Diseases And Conditions

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Colour duplex ultrasonography

Colour duplex ultrasonography is a non-invasive imaging technique that can be used to diagnose kidney stones. It utilizes sound waves to generate a two-dimensional visual representation of the kidneys and bladder. This image can be used to determine the size, shape, and location of any stones, as well as the size and shape of the kidneys and any other abnormalities. The accuracy of colour duplex ultrasonography in diagnosing kidney stones is comparable to that of other imaging methods, such as computed tomography (CT) scanning. Color duplex sonography is the easiest, rapid, and noninvasive investigation to evaluate vascular complications and perfusion of the transplanted kidney. devadoss Kidney specialist in Madurai possess extensive knowledge and expertise in managing various kidney conditions, including kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, and kidney transplantation.

Doppler ultrasonography

The use of Doppler ultrasound in renal diseases has been widespread, owing to its non-invasive, safe, and cost-effective nature. It enables the evaluation of both quantitative and semi-quantitative parameters of renal blood flow for diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutic purposes. These kidney specialist in madurai are well-equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and technologies to accurately assess kidney function and determine the most appropriate treatment options

Computed tomography

CT scans of the kidneys are more comprehensive than X-rays and can provide greater detail regarding potential kidney-related injuries and diseases. These scans can detect tumors, obstructive conditions such as kidney stones, congenital anomalies, polycystic kidney disease, fluid accumulation around the kidneys, and the location of abscesses. With their vast experience, devadoss kidney specialist in madurai offer personalized care and develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.

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Common causes of end-stage kidney disease include Diabetes,Chronic, uncontrolled high blood pressure,Chronic glomerulonephritis ( an inflammation and eventual scarring of the tiny filters within the kidneys),Polycystic kidney disease

Kidney biopsy

Kidney biopsy occupies a fundamental position in the management of kidney diseases.


Chronic renal failure (CRF) is the most prevalent, worldwide public health problem of the elderly population. Dialysis is the preferred way to treat kidney failure.

Renal ultrasonography

A kidney ultrasound may be used to assess the size, location, and shape of the kidneys and related structures, such as the ureters and bladder.


Hemodialysis is a treatment to filter wastes and water from your blood, as your kidneys did when they were healthy.


Haemofiltration is a form of Renal Dialysis, mainly used in a critical care setting, which removes waste products from the blood by passing it out of the body through a set of tubing (filtration circuit) to a semi-permeable membrane (filter) and returning it, cleaned, to the body.

Kidney Transplantations

During transplant surgery, a healthy kidney from a donor is placed into your body. The new, donated kidney does the work that your two kidneys used to do. This is typically done to treat kidney failure.

Meet Our Dedicated & Experienced Doctors

Dr.  S. Balmurugan
Dr. S. Balmurugan
M.B.B.S, MD (Gen med), DM (Nephrology)
Dr.  V. Shanmuganathan
Dr. V. Shanmuganathan
M.B.B.S, DM(Nephrology)

Questions to ask a Nephrology

Nephrologists are doctors who have completed training in internal medicine, internists and then further training in kidney diseases. Nephrologists help treat patients who are improper kidney function or have kidney failure.
Devadoss kidney specialist in Madurai advised the best way to prevent kidney stones is to make sure you drink plenty of water each day to avoid becoming dehydrated. Drink water, but drinks like tea and coffee also count,add fresh lemon juice to your water,avoid fizzy drinks,and do not eat too much salt.
Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is an indicator of kidney function that estimates the amount of fluid and waste products that are filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. It is used to assess and monitor kidney health and is typically calculated using a formula that takes into account age, gender, and blood creatinine levels.
Doctors often recommend a low-protein diet to maintain kidney function or a low-sodium diet to lower blood pressure. If you have weak kidneys, consult your doctor before starting the diet

You should employ proper body mechanics when performing activities, keep good posture while sitting, standing, and lifting, exercise frequently, stretch frequently, raise heavy objects with your legs rather than your back, and lift light objects with your legs. Choose a chair that has strong lumbar support and is ergonomically sound as well.

The most common causes of kidney disease are hypertension and diabetes. These two diseases can affect any organ in the body. If none of these conditions are well controlled, kidney failure and dialysis can result. Other diseases that attack multiple organs, including the kidneys, include lupus, HIV and viral hepatitis

Blood tests are the most commonly used tests to detect kidney problems. Other tests, such as urinalysis, can help to identify the cause of kidney damage or to identify problems associated with kidney failure. Nephrologists may also use ultrasound imaging to assess the size and shape of the kidneys.

The amount of creatinine in the blood is typically used to assess kidney function, as its levels tend to rise as the kidneys’ ability to remove it from the body decreases. Creatinine is a byproduct of muscle metabolism that is typically removed from the bloodstream by the kidneys.

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  • Dr. Jegan, M.D., D.M. (Nephro)

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